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  • We do not take reservations. 

  • We do not hold tables; we seat in order of arrival.  Upon arrival, when your party is complete, you will be seated at the next suitable table configuration.  Keep in mind, once our tables are full, we are dependent upon tables becoming available at our customers’ pace and are committed to providing quality service that is efficient, but not rushed.

  • Complete Parties: During peak hours, we will only seat parties that are complete.  If your party is not complete, we will seat the party after you.  Once your party is complete, we will give you priority for the next table available.

  • Parties of More than 10:  During peak hours, we may be unable to accommodate parties of 11 or more. The small size and configuration of our restaurant and kitchen diminishes our ability to provide acceptable service to large groups (11+) and still accommodate our other guests in a  proper fashion. We strongly suggest arranging your large party prior to 4:30 or after 8 pm.


The Kacey’s management & staff thank you, in advance, for your patience 

and cooperation! We truly appreciate your patronage.

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